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Stephanie Riegel: Band-Aid solutions no longer working for higher ed

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Drax Biomass signs deal with environmental group to avoid timber in forested wetlands

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I'm editor of The Baton Rouge Business Report, an exciting position that allows me to meet a lot of interesting people and learn about important issues in and around the Capital Region.

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Baton Rouge Business Report Slanting the Truth On ER Situation in North Baton Rouge. Gary Chambers. 13 Jun 0. That’s why when I read a recent editorials by Stephanie Riegel and Rolfe McCollister of the Baton Rouge Business Report I was a little taken back.

Number one, Stephanie nor Rolfe have yet to reach out to sit down with.

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Stephanie Riegel of the Greater Baton Rouge Business Report talked with Iain Vasey, a former Baton Rouge Area Chamber executive who now does economic development work in Texas. Vasey said that Texas also requires local decision-making for a similar program, but the bigger issue for economic development isn’t incentive programs, it’s.

In an investigation published in last week's Business Report, Stephanie Riegel documented problems the Council on Aging has had before, during and after the election in which voters approved a tax.

STEPHANIE RIEGEL. Greater Baton Rouge Business Report. APRIL 22, Birmingham, Alabama-based Coca-Cola Bottling Company UNITED—which is the parent company of local bottler, Coca-Cola Baton Rouge—has been awarded expanded territory rights by The Coca-Cola Co.

that will more than double the company’s size. Most Read Baton Rouge doctor pleads guilty to conspiracy to receive kickback payments Executive Spotlight: Research Park Corporation CEO Genevieve Silverman ‘ Dine:’ Pie tips from Elsie’s.

Stephanie riegel baton rouge business report
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