Report on the ice epidemic

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Ice addiction triples in five years: UNSW drug study

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Ice addiction triples in five years: UNSW drug study

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A New Ice Age: Crystal Meth Epidemic?

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Alan Tudge MP

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(Archived document, may contain errors) May 4, THE MARIJUANA EPIDEMIC I get a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach when I hear talk of marijuana Marijuana is a very powerful.

wowinternetdirectory.comeThe purpose of this current events program is to record informative evidence and explain about the Ice Epidemic. To inform us that Ice is taking over as one of the most popular drugs. May 06,  · Australia's ice epidemic News Corp Australia. Loading Unsubscribe from News Corp Australia?

Need to report the video? Sign in. The following 'Aston Ice Report' outlines the scale of the ice epidemic in Australia, its specific effect on the Knox community, and the key feedback I have received from residents about what needs to be done to tackle ice head-on. Ice use rates almost doubled in the last twelve months, it said.

Australia was a particularly attractive market for drug traffickers, with US$80 buying one gram of ice. The Australian government is rolling out a new $ million package dedicated to tackling the ice epidemic after the final National Ice Taskforce report was released yesterday.

According to the.

Report on the ice epidemic
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