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Transcript: Monday, August 4, 2014

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August Broadcast Index Evening News August 1, ABC Evening News for August 1, Stock Market Report (Studio: David Muir) Law: Rutherford Child Custody; August 19, ABC Evening News for August 19, Preview/Introduction David Muir (New York).

In The News Predictions about the stock market are a dime a dozen, but InvesTech's accuracy in gauging market risk is a rarity.

That's because our decisions are firmly grounded in technical and fundamental analysis, which allows us. PHILADELPHIA AMTRAK CRASH: THE LATEST. Early indications suggest it was an accident, the NTSB and FBI say. Mayor Michael Nutter will update reporters at 11 a.m. ET. WFTV OrlandoFrank Runnels said he was driving to work when the car that caused the crash just missed him.

&'It just shot, sped, past us at an amazing rate of speed and just plowed into that tan car with the baby, the young family,&' he said.

JULIA BOORSTIN, NIGHTLY BUSINESS REPORT CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” soared past expectations this weekend, grossing $94 million in the U.S., setting a new August record.

Prior to joining FNC for its launch in August of Cavuto was the New York Bureau Chief for PBS Television’s Nightly Business Report and a Washington FOX Business' Hillary Vaughn reports.

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