Maastricht university library master thesis presentation

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University of Rochester

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University of New South Wales

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At least one author of an abstract must be registered for the Congress in order to be included in the abstract book. One author can present only ONE abstract. Professor Omar M.

Yaghi University of Berkeley (United States) Omar M. Yaghi is the James and Neeltje Tretter Chair Professor of Chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley, and a Senior Faculty Scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

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Dr Hans W. Friederiszick is a Director and founder of Economics. Dr Friederiszick has extensive experience advising clients across the competition economics field (including cartels, mergers, and abuse of a dominant position and State aid cases) and has led teams of economists engaged in international antitrust investigations.

At least one author of an abstract must be registered for the Congress in order to be included in the abstract book. One author can present only ONE abstract.

Maastricht university library master thesis presentation
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