Inside out project

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Inside Out Project in Salinas Chinatown

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Inside Out Project

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Sul sito ufficiale di Inside Out Project potete trovare tutte le foto che raccontano la giornata dell'11 novembre ! Con questo si conclude il progetto Inside Out a Riace! Adesso la nostra azione è visibile a tutto il mondo! Grazie a tutti, bravi!

Inside Out Cymru is an Arts and Mental Health charity delivering arts workshops and activities across Gwent. Our aims are to: Provide creative arts workshops in a safe, friendly environment, facilitated by professional artists.

Keeping the kids entertained can be a bit of a task at times, so here are 8 Disney Inside out printables that should keep them amused for a little while. These printables include all of the new Disney/Pixar characters from the new movie Inside out.

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INSIDE OUT is a large-scale participatory art project that transforms messages of personal identity into pieces of artistic work. Everyone is challenged to use black and white photographic portraits to discover, reveal and share the untold stories and images of people around the world.

Inside out project
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Inside Out Project in Salinas Chinatown – Asian Cultural Experience