Characteristics of brown earth soils

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Affinity for Water According to the USGS, "clay minerals all have a great affinity for water. Brown Earth Soils Zonal Soil. Introduction to Brown Earths zonal soil Characteristics of brown earth Colour pale brown to brown in colour plenty of humus due to vegetation leaching - spreads nutrients around the soil Characteristics of brown earths Texture (feel of the soil) loam texture.

Brown earth is a type of soil. Brown earths are mostly located between 35° and 55° north of the Equator. The largest expanses cover western and central Europe, large areas of western and trans-Uralian Russia, the east coast of America and eastern Asia. Brown earth soils are also found where temperatures average zero for less than 3 months of the year and rarely exceed 21 degrees.

These conditions allow for microorganisms to thrive. The colour of the soil is an indication of the amount of organic material it contains with darker soils having more organic content. Dirt is also soil that has lost the characteristics that give bacteria and fungi), that account for most of the living things on Earth.

Soil profiles

4 Soils absorb, hold, release, deep orange-brown to yellowish-brown. Those soils that are high in organic matter are dark brown or black. Brown earth soils are widespread in Britain, except in highland areas. Soil organisms, like earthworms, mix the materials together, merging the boundaries between the horizons.

Characteristics of brown earth soils
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